Welcome to HOMEMADE

We wanted to keep the creative energy flowing through Gas&Electric so have launched HomeMade productions to enable our makers and creators to enable brands and agencies to keep on making.

We've networked together a key team of collaborators from animators, designers, food stylists, photographers to VFX generals and DP self shooters to enable table top productions to take place behind closed doors in their own HomeMade studios.

Our brilliant team have come into their own, bringing creative energy and enthusiasm at a difficult time, working closely with our equally remote team of sound designers, editors and colourists. Together they are finding new and inventive ways of executing projects.

Whilst we sincerely hope for a move back to old world soon HomeMade are very happy to play our part in keeping the wheels of production in motion whilst celebrating the amazing and versatile freelance community which lies behind front doors of homes across the land.

We would love to hear from you and help you to keep on making.

Plug in say hello

production@gasandelectric.co.uk   +44 (0) 207 284 4800

Tom King – Director / EP
+44 (0) 7714 086 969

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